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NIGERCON 2013 Visas

Nigeria Visa

In Nigeria, applying for a visa is an essential requirement for foreign nationals of most countries. Those who wish to visit or immigrate to Nigeria for any length of time will be required to make a visa application in order to gain entry clearance for Nigeria.

At present, the only exceptions are the ECOWAS nations which form the Economic Community of West African States, whose nationals may visit Nigeria without the need to apply for a visa.

Global Visas can help you to obtain a visa for Nigeria.

Types of Visa for Nigeria

Nigerian Tourist Visa

Nigerian Tourist visas, as with tourist visas for many other destinations are designed as a temporary immigration service.

In Nigeria, visas of this kind are valid for a period of three months and are issued to applicants who wish to visit Nigeria for the purposes of tourism or to visit family and friends.

Nigerian entry clearance of this class does not permit its holder to engage in any form of employment, whether paid or unpaid during their time in the country and is issued with the obligation for the candidate to return to their country of residence at the expiry of the permit.

Candidates applying for a Nigerian visa of this class will need to satisfy a number of requirements as follows:

Nigerian Business Visa

Nigerian Business visas may be issued for single or double entry and are granted to foreign nationals who wish to relocate to Nigeria on a temporary basis in order to engage in business activities with the exception of employment.

Business visas are designed to facilitate business travellers entering Nigeria in order to attend conferences or meetings or enter business negotiations.

Initially these permits are issued for a duration of 90 days, however this can be extended as necessary. The eligibility requirements of this type of visa are similar to those of a visitor visa with the addition of a letter of invitation from the Nigerian company in question.